Microsoft Visio 2010

Business Process Diagramming and Validation

by David J Parker

What you will learn from this book :

  • Master new Visio features supporting structured diagrams and Validation
  • Learn new Validation functions, including creating and modifying Validation Rules to verify diagram correctness
  • Successfully implement out-of-the-box content for Visio 2010
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Visio as a diagramming tool and the Visio document structure
  • Discover the Visio 14.0 Type Library
  • Understand ShapeSheet functions for writing formulae in Validation tests
  • Publish custom Visio templates that enforce company diagramming standards
  • Build a Visio add-in for increased ease when creating Rules or analyzing existing Rules
  • Use the provided Rules Tools add-in to export Validation Rules to XML
  • View diagrams with corresponding issues using annotations

A focused tutorial, this book provides a range of practical examples with downloadable code, showing you how to create business process diagramming templates with Visio and enabling you to effectively visualize business information. It draws on real business examples and needs, and covers all the new features of Visio 2010 Premium Edition.

Who this book is written for

If you are a Microsoft Visio 2010 Premium Edition user or developer who wants to get to grips with both the basic features of Visio 2010 and the new Validation Rules in this edition, then this book is for you. A working knowledge of Microsoft Visio, and optionally .NET for the add-in code, is required, though previous knowledge of business process diagramming is not necessary. More experienced Visio users will gain valuable knowledge for building add-ins and creating and publishing rules. If you want to achieve results from Visio 2010 beyond the ordinary out-of-the-box features, then this book is ideal for you. Although this book covers the Premium Edition, much of the book is still useful if you are a Visio 2010 Standard Edition or Professional Edition user.

Read about the book :

Download Chapter 2 : Understanding the Microsoft Visio Object Model

View Chapter 3 : Understanding the ShapeSheet in Microsoft Visio 2010

Appendix : Visio Rules Explorer Silverlight Application

NEW Appendix : Partial Visio Object Model and VBA Code.vsd

NEW Appendix : Packt Editorial Process.vsd

NEW Appendix : Microsoft Process Management Stack.vsd

New Rules Tools add-in for Visio 2010 Premium

The new Validation API enables businesses to write custom validation rules to suit their own purposes.
Microsoft Visio 2010 provides built-in rule sets for flowcharts, BPMN diagrams and SharePoint Designer Workflows. However, it does not provide a rule set developer interface for the analyzing, amending or creating rules. This Rules Tools add-in fills this gap by providing an extra group in the Process tab in Visio 2010 that allows users to analyze existing rules, display issues, and to export/import rule sets.

Read the help file to see what you can do with Rules Tools
Click to view the help file
Click to download the help file

Two alternative installations are provided, one for 64 bit, and one for 32 bit.

Download the zip file, unzip it, then run the Setup.exe as Administrator.

Click to download for 64 bit Visio 2010 Premium
Click to download for 32 bit Visio 2010 Premium

Overview of Microsoft Visio 2010 Business Process Diagramming and Validation

  • Optimize your business information visualization by mastering out-of-the-box, structured diagram functionality with features like the Basic and Cross-Functional Flowcharts
  • Create and analyze custom Validation Rules for structured diagrams using Visio Premium
  • Get to grips with validation logic for Business Process Diagramming with Visio 2010, by using the provided Rules Tools add-in
  • Discover the power of the ShapeSheet and learn how to write ShapeSheet formulae for use in Validation tests, following real and practical business examples and instructions
  • Packed with screenshots to demonstrate immediately usable Visio practices for achieving your business visualization goals

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