David J. Parker

Microsoft MVP (Visio)

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David was almost born four years before his actual birth, when his mother mistook his eldest sister for a boy and, temporarily, called her David. When David eventually was born in 1960, it was in the north Midlands of England (where you supported Nottingham Forest). David remembers The World Cup victory ’66 in black-and-white, but he never thought it would not be repeated in color. When David’s family moved further north, his red and white shirt was mistaken for a Manchester United strip, so he became a supporter, just in time for the first English team to win the European Cup. His footballing ambitions took a setback when he went to a grammar school where soccer was forbidden, so David became a field hockey player.

With a desire to combine art and mathematics, David studied architecture at Bath University, where he had to decide to stop playing hockey if he was to leave with a degree. Some computers were still being fed instructions punched into cards, but David was introduced into programming for the first time.

David then worked as an architectural assistant and tested some early computer aided design (CAD) systems where the directions for drawing a circle were on the wall in a flowchart. David’s second degree was at the Polytechnic of North London, where he lost the lottery for the 1 student out of 34 who would be allowed to use the brand new CAD system. He consoled himself with writing his thesis on a Spectrum 64 and making sprites race across the screen. The only printer was a smelly, sparkling thermal affair, so cassettes were dispatched to David’s mother, who re-typed everything on to proper paper...

Writing the book on holiday in Turkey August 2006