Chapter 7 : Using Data Graphics to Reinforce Information

Image of Chapter 7

In this chapter

  • The Default Data Graphic Callouts
  • Creating Custom Callouts
  • Distributing Custom Data Graphic Callouts
  • Changing the Data Graphics Layer Properties
  • Recognizing Which Data Graphic
  • Assigning Data Graphics Automatically

The new Data Graphics feature in Microsoft Visio 2007 introduces new ways to visualize information with three types of callouts: Text, Data Bars, and Icon Sets, in addition to the Color By Value. Microsoft Visio 2007 is installed with a variety of each type of callout, and you can create your own to suit your purposes. For example, you can make icons to represent the criticality of software or hardware vulnerabilities, or you can have data bars to display the progress of process steps.

In this chapter, you learn ways to create your own Data Graphic Text, Data Bars, and Icon Sets. For further reading, you can read an in-depth article from Microsoft about Data Graphics at: