Chapter 11 : Creating Custom Templates, Stencils, and Masters

Image of Chapter 11

In this chapter

  • Stencils and Masters
  • Templates
  • Publishing Templates and Stencils

Throughout the previous chapters, you have been creating or modifying Masters with little regard to their accessibility by others. Now, you need to understand how to make all these customizations available to others.

Just to remind you:

• Three types of Visio document—stencil, template, and drawing—can be in binary (vss, vst, and vsd) or XML format (vsx, vtx, and vdx).

• Drawings can be created from templates or other drawings.

• Stencils store Masters, and Masters are copied on to drawings to create instances (shapes) and a copy of the Master is stored in the drawing document stencil. There is no automatic change to the copy of a Master in a document stencil, if you change it in the original (global) stencil.

• Drawings contain pages, and pages can be no scale or any particular scale.

• A Workspace is a drawing with optional docked (usually) stencils.

The opening screen in Visio shows templates that can be selected from a category, as you can see in Figure 11-1.

The verbose names you see are not the filenames you see in the Visio installation folder.

Notice vss and vst files are shown, and the filenames are in the old fashioned 8.3 format, with _U and _M alternatives for the same file.